Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Big Bang Theory: Penny (Kaley Cuoco) Hairstyles

Kaley Cuoco is one of my favorite actresses. I watched her when she was in 8 simple rules and more recently in The Big Bang Theory where she plays 'Penny'. In the 5 seasons of the Big Bang Theory, Penny has many different haircuts, in this post I will go through all the different 'Penny hairstyles'! yayness.

Season 1

Here we first meet Penny. She is originally shown to be a stereotypical "dumb blonde" compared to the highly intelligent Leonard and Sheldon. However as the show progresses we see how Penny, in fact, is smart, witty and confident. In some episodes in season 1 Penny has a side fringe and long choppy layers. In others she has a full front fringe and shorter shoulder length hair. When she has a fuller fringe she looks a lot "cuter", personally I prefer the hair she has in later seasons.

Season 2 / 3
 In season 2 and 3, Penny grows out her fringe. Her hair is a medium length with a centre parting and she keeps the choppy layers. Her shortest layers lie above her chin as she grows out her fringe.

Season 4 /5 
In the later seasons, Penny grows her hair longer with the shortest layers now below her chin. She lets her blonde dyed hair grow out slightly so she has a large section of dark blonde/brown hair at the top of her head and lighter blonde at the ends. This style is often called "Ombre hair".

Other Penny Styles
Penny also wears a her hair in a variety of different styles throughout all the seasons. For example a high ponytail when she works at the cheesecake factory and a messy bun when she is lounging around in her apartment. She also wears a lot of cute half-up styles.

The best way to copy "The Penny" is to 'poof' up the front of your hair or back comb to create volume at the crown. Styles are usually left messy and informal.


  1. One of my favorite looks for her was the beautiful updo when she went with Raj to his People magazine party. The episode was "The Griffin Equivalency."

    1. Oooo! yeah, I just checked it out - so nice! On the clip i watched it was hard to see how exactly the bun was done at the back but looks really neatly done. I liked how she wears her signature "poof" quiff thing at the front as well :)

  2. I loved Penny's sleek updo style in season 6, episode 6, "The Extract Obliteration." I would love to learn how to do that bun-it almost had a reverse look to it. I know that sounds odd. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. omg, I'm looking everywhere to know that exact same thing! How to do that bun, that looks so cute!

    2. hey! Just checked it out, I agree it kind of looks like the hair has been looped round and round many times and then pulled so it falls down at the side to make that semi-circular shape. I might try and few things out and see if i can work it out.. !

    3. I was looking for that hair too. I found a youtube video that has a tutorial for a bun just like penny's. Here is the link: